Young Arts

Children's Church Trail for St Lawrence's Church, Little Stanmore

Tricia Savours, our Chairman handed over the Children's Church Trail which Ruth Davies and Judith Rose have been working on and has now been completed.  It has been trialled by children from 1st Stanmore Girls' Brigade and a class from Lower School, North London Collegiate School.

This Trail is now available for children to complete when they visit St Lawrence's Church. The church was part on the estate of Canons, owned by the Duke of Chandos who at one time employed Handel as his Music Master.




Part of the Mission of the Arts Society is to provide support for Young Arts Projects.  In the past few years we have made donations as follows:

Recipient                                Purpose                                                 Amount

Harrow College                 Visit to British Museum for Students                            £550
with Learning difficulties  

Harrow Young Musicians  To support promising young musicians                         £500

St Luke’s Hospice              To fund Art Therapy for patients                                  £500

‚ÄčPark High School               To fund Art project for year 7 Students                         £500

Peter Hinkley Trust           To support promising young musicians                          £500

Pinner Wood School          To fund an Art Project to involve all pupils to                 £500
                                           create a wall hanging for the foyer

St Luke’s Hospice              To fund Art Therapy for patients                                   £500

Marlborough School           To fund Art Project                                                      £500

Heath Robinson Museum    To fund a club for talented young artists                    £1,000

Bentley Wood Priory           Donation to help fund an Arts Related                          £500
                                            workshop for young people

There is no set format for Young Arts Projects, instead, local Societies respond to local circumstances. A Society's involvement may be anything from sponsorship to hands-on organisation. Many involve partnerships with other local and national bodies. We have found that even a small grant can make a big difference.

Projects cover a wide range of activities. They include:

  • Young Arts Projects
  • Charities